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Online Pilates Classes

Live and interactive with two-way real-time video support

My classes are not a pre-recorded. I have live interactive classes hat give you support in the real-time two way video. I can hear, see and interact with every class member to monitor each one and provide advice, teaching points, adaptations and corrections in real-time.

My online classes never have any more than 12 students in each session so your classes is more personalized. I keep every class member focused during the entire live session which helps you to stay committed and to advance your abilities. 

You can take part in my online classes from anywhere as long as you have adequate internet connection. You can exercise in any room you choose, or even move your Wi-Fi connected device outside creating additional freedom.

How do my Online classes works

My live, interactive online yoga classes are conducted via the video conferencing software Zoom.
We place our screens in a way that we can see and hear each other. I will interact with you to monitor you and offer advice, teaching points, adaptions and corrections in real time.

How to join

Joining my online classes is very easy with most popular modern internet enabled devices coming with in built microphones and video camera functionality:

  1. Book an online class on my site

  2. Download ZOOM app onto your preferred internet connected device

  3. Click on the class link I will email you after booking.

My LIVE Online Pilates/Yoga Classes

My LIVE - Online Yoga
  • How to download Zoom app?
    1. Go to 3. Click Download below the headline "Zoom Client for Meetings". 4. Choose “Save file” to download the Zoom installation program to your computer. 5. Double click on the downloaded program (ZoomInstaller.exe) to start the installation.
  • How to join Online Classes via Zoom meeting?
    I will send a link to your registered email before Pilates or Yoga session is due to commence.
  • What do I need for Online Classes?
    Laptop, computer or tablet with functioning camera and microphone (PC, MAC, Chromebook, Linux, Android or iOS device) Internet connection Zoom app (this isfree) Yoga Mat (towel or blanket, if you have a Yoga block)

Contact Me

Contact me to find out more about my classes or get free trial access.

 Mob. 07730380471

  • Pilates Dorset  Zane Eglite

Thanks! Message sent.

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